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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Do we yet know all of the Resident Cellular Components of the Human Lung?

The DLD, NHLBI workshops conducted and published (Reference 1, 2, 3) had as their purpose to stimulate research that would identify still obscure or novel cellular components of the human lung to determine cell function in promoting respiratory tract development and in health that contributes to disease, so that better therapy might result. With robust technologies now available, especially genomic advances, how much... more »

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To completely understand how the human lung responds and reacts to inhaled or aspirated particles, microbes, and environmental antigens, etc.; then initiates innate and/or acquired adaptive immunity; or creates a milieu wherein cancerous cells that have travelled to the lung can establish metastatic sites, we must identify, characterize through special phenotyping and cellular function, and isolate for ex vivo study the still understudied and unknown properties of a sizable number of the 40 resident cell types in the human lung.

Knowledge about all the resident cells in the human lung and their functions should enhance understanding of the respiratory tract in health and disease.


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