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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

treating sleep apnea without a nose or facial mask

I am lucky to still be alive. I developed heart failure at 41. I turn 60 this month. For the last five years, doctors have tried to get me on a CPAP. I have told them that I'd rather die. I have absolutely no interest in sleeping with a darth vader mask or some strange thing strapped to my nose. Furthermore I had sinus surgery 30 years ago that only partiallly cleared my sinus passage. So forcing air up my nose is very... more »

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If my doctors are correct, patients like myself are at high-risk. Before we die, we will need expensive hospital or nursing home based care. If some one can develop a mask or device that will work, he or she will literally save lives and reduce the financial burden on families, communities and hospitals.

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This shouldn't be difficult research. We're talking about an air delivery system, not a cure for cancer or AIDS. The challenge is that this is not a prestige issue. There won't be a lot of research centers spending on on this.

Yet it could save lives and reduce healthcare costs. Maybe this research could be conducted as a joint project of associations for ENT doctors, cardiologists and dentists.

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