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Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Qigong and Tai Chi for Chronic Disease Prevention

Non-pharmacological interventions for pain and stress have gained tremendous momentum.

Mind-Body Practice -- Qigong and Tai Chi -- are group based and inexpensive to implement. The evidence base suggests that these practices are safe and effective for a multitude of preventable chronic disorders..

Given safety and efficacy, should there be vigorous research on implementation of Qigong and Tai Chi and... more »


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Goal 4: Develop Workforce and Resources

Preserving and promoting expertise in integrative physiology

From my perspective, one of the key “critical challenges” facing the NHLBI in particular, and medical science in general, is to avoid being blinded by the promises of the reductionists in the “personalized, precision medicine” of the future. In order to understand the advances being made at the molecular level, we need to preserve and promote expertise in truly integrative physiology, what I like to call “PHYSIOMICS”.... more »


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