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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Detection of rupture prone small aortic aneurysms

Critical challenges in the assessment of aortic aneurysms are: (1) Availability of reliable animal models that simulate the human pathology, (2) Availability of molecular imaging resources – identification of biomarkers, development of targeted imaging probes and pre-clinical imaging methods, and plasma markers that predict whether an aneurysm is prone to rupture or dissection, (3) Bringing together a wide array of multi-disciplinary... more »

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Developing clinically viable methods to detect rupture prone aneurysms can lead to better methods of diagnosis and intervention and avoid preventable fatalities

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Several other disease areas including oncological that had similar gap was filled by NIH (NCI) and the challenges were overcome in less than 10 years. The scientific expertise to fill the gap exists, however they work in silos, which need to be brought together to fulfil this gap and is achievable in less than 10 years
Assessment of aortic aneurysms that are prone to rupture or dissection has been an elusive target. Current clinical practice measures the aortic diameter and fails to relate to the pathophysiology and biomechanical properties of the aneurysm in deciding preventive surgery. Critical gap exists in the diagnosis of aneurysm especially with small aneurysms (3 - 5 cm in diameter) that are rupture prone. Based on autopsy about 10 percent of individuals with small abdominal aneurysms had undergone fatal rupture, while 40 percent with diameters of 7-10 cm had intact aneurysm and died from other causes. International Registry of Aortic Dissection found that 40% of thoracic aneurysms dissected at diameters smaller than 5 cm.

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