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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Effectiveness of three smoking cessation approaches

What is the comparative effectiveness and cost effectiveness of counseling plus nicotine replacement vs. counseling plus bupropion vs. counseling plus varenicline on smoking cessation rates, patient-reported outcomes (symptom frequency, activities of daily living, quality of life, sleep quality, exacerbations), and COPD and non-COPD morbidity/mortality?

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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Sex and Race Differences in Replacement Lung Surfactant Efficacy

Baby boys and girls can respond quite differently to replacement lung surfactants given in response to neonatal respiratory distress syndrome. There are also variations in efficacy between babies of different races, in addition to the generally increased risk of NRDS in minority populations overall to lack of prenatal care or access to neonatal intensive care units. Increasing the availability of surfactant treatment... more »

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Infant mortality varies dramatically across racial and economic status, and prematurity and its accompanying diseases is one important aspect of this discrepancy. Replacement surfactant therapy dramatically decreased the infant mortality rate when it was originally initiated, but certain populations are less served, and variations in efficacy of treatment are poorly understood. New methods of delivering surfactant, such as aerosols combined with CPAP and a better understanding of the properties of surfactant might be two ways to address this issue.

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This challenge requires a broad, multidisciplinary approach including engineers, neonatologists and biophysicists to produce the necessary materials and tools to properly synthesize and deliver surfactant. A larger challenge is to simplify the process enough that surfactant replacement therapy could be introduced into less developed countries where prematurity is of epidemic proportion.

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