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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Using Social Media to Promote Healthy Behaviors

Since most people know that there are behaviors that they need to do to be healthy, can we leverage peer or family pressure or use social media to create a “grass roots” groundswell of health-promoting behaviors?

How might social media platforms such as Facebook and be leveraged for designing low-cost research studies and interventions that promote sustainable healthy lifestyle and behaviors?


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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Develop common-sense standards for obesity research

Obesity research is riddled with methodological problems that are rarely challenged, leading to the perpetuation of misinformation and interventions that do harm. Given the two-thirds of the population who are classified as higher weight and thus subject to these interventions, it is past time to clean up the basic scientific flaws in this research area.

For a quick summary of a couple of these issues, see Poodle Science:... more »


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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Addressing the population-level determinants of CVD

Atherosclerotic CVD is an epidemic disease that is determined primarily by the social and physical environments acting in part through risk factor distributions. To date most preventive efforts have been in the clinical setting, using medications for risk factors. As useful as this is, a much better solution is to deal with the behavioral contributors to risk and their social determinants, including strong destructive... more »


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Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Achieving Excellence in Health and Science Communication

At least two thirds of US adults use the internet to access health information. The accuracy and quality of health and science information found on news media websites, corporate websites of the healthcare industry, blogs of healthcare providers and social media networks varies widely.

Nevertheless, this information can have a profound influence on the healthcare-related decision-making of patients. The anti-vaccination... more »


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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Building a bridge - new approaches to dissemination

There is a need to fundamentally rethink the approach to translation and dissemination of clinical trial results. The current approach relegates dissemination as a side effect to the end of a trial and does not require sufficient funds be set aside to conduct adequate outreach. As a result, it takes up to 17 years for the results of trials to be adopted and used in everyday practice. It is time for a new model which re-prioritizes... more »


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