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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Build a National Surveillance of Chronic CV and Lung Diseases

There is a need to build a robust coordinated surveillance system on the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases. Surveillance data are needed to:

•Describe and monitor the burden, trends, and patterns of these diseases

•Set parameters and metrics of research priorities

•Identify where to target resources for prevention, treatment, and delivery of care

•Track and monitor progress toward public health disease... more »

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The high prevalence of chronic cardiovascular and lung diseases has created burden in increasing healthcare costs and high mortality rates in the US compared to other developed countries. Even so, they remain among the most preventable health problems. A national surveillance system for chronic cardiovascular and lung diseases would enable data-driven decision-making about public health strategies for prevention, management, and cost containment.

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A 2011 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report concluded that a coordinated surveillance system is needed. It proposed a framework for such a system that would integrate existing information through collective efforts of multiple stakeholders. The time is right to gain from and build upon numerous ongoing broad initiatives in biomedical Big Data, including growing health IT adoption mandated by the HITECH Act, ONCHIT efforts to achieve health IT interoperability, the NIH BD2K initiative, and the multiorganizational network participating in FDA Mini-Sentinel, HCS Collaboratory, and PCORnet, among others. The NHLBI is well-positioned to lead, develop and implement the IOM’s recommended framework and system. (IOM report -
Existing data sources (i.e., population surveys, registries, cohort studies, administrative data, and vital statistics) do not individually provide nationally representative data, cannot be linked, and are not currently readily accessible to all levels of users. One potential way to build such a system is to integrate and expand existing data sources.

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