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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Optimizing Cardiovasular (CV) Prevention Medicine Use

Heart attacks and strokes cause substantial morbidity and mortality, while implementation of cholesterol and other CV prevention guidelines remain low. Proposed NCQA on-statin in the last year among those with DM was 46% in national field testing, and about 75% in Kaiser Permanente (KP). KP has had some success overcoming barriers to statin, aspirin, and blood pressure medicine adherence. If the nation as a whole is... more »

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Improving treatment rates to CV guidleines improves the population health and can be cost saving to the system. Currently statin use among DM and in those with ASCVD Risk >= 7.5% is about 40%. If treatment improved to 60 or 80% many CV avents would be averted and downstream cost savings.

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KP has achieved blood pressure control rates of about 90% demonstrating possibility of high control / treatment rates. Improving treatment rates where there is a treatment gap in cost saving CV prevention should be a priority.

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