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Goal 1: Promote Human Health

Environmental stimuli and the lung: predictors of homeostatic or pathological responses

What are the molecular and cellular responses in the lung that occur after environmental stimuli that predict homeostatic resilience or transition to disease, disorder, or aging?

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Addressing this line of research could define biomarkers and pathways useful for prediction of how human response to an external stimulus of varied nature (i.e. microorganism, chemical, physical) could lead to specific outcomes in relationship to the duration of the exposure and the genetic makeup of the individual exposed. Identification of early signals and the pathways involved could lead to novel preventative or therapeutic approaches.

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Methods for systems biology approaches to address complex pathobiological iterations are ready to be exploited to answer these questions.
Great progress has been made in the clarification of basic mechanisms of molecular and cellular response to environmental stimuli, in cross-sectional analyses. The continuum of the response in relationship to the genetic background of individuals responding with a homeostatic or pathological long-term outcome is missing from these data.

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