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Correlation between abdominal/diaphragmatic fibrosis and cardiopulmonary dysfunction in Duchenne

Is there a correlation between the development of abdominal/diaphragmatic fibrosis and the development of cardio-pulmonary dysfunction? Are there mechanisms (i.e., pulmonary excursion therapy) that may prevent/postpone the development of diaphragmatic fibrosis and subsequent pulmonary dysfunction?

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currently there is no adequate method of evaluating the development of fibrosis in the diaphragm. Mdx mouse models have provided insight into this progression, and to a possible correlation between abdominal fibrosis and cardiac dysfunction.

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: Maintaining cardiopulmonary function in Duchenne has been the mainstay of therapy, however little attention has been given to the accessory muscles of respiration. Supporting the muscles of respiration may prevent or postpone the ongoing process or cardiopulmonary dysfunction, resulting in an increased the lifespan, and quality of life, of people living with Duchenne. The current base of researchers addressing the cardiopulmonary issues in Duchenne, as well as the resources to identify and track patients with cardiopulmonary dysfunction, enhances the feasibility of answering this question.

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