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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Seeking the secret behind “resilience” to a variety of HLBS diseases

What is the secret behind the “resilience” some people have to heart, lung, blood, and sleep (HLBS) diseases?

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Results of such research should reveal physiological mechanisms of resilience that could be used to develop interventions that would prevent or cure a variety of heart, lung, blood, and sleep diseases.

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Advances in omics, clinical testing
, accumulation of large sets of clinical data and samples
, big data tools
, and increased interest from public (normal volunteers) and patients to participate in large scientific experiments make it feasible.
For instance, these may be healthy people carrying genetic mutations strongly associated with HLBS diseases (or causing rare/familial genetic diseases – these might easier to focus on first), but also people who are not hypertensive, hypercholesterolemic, or diabetic in spite of consistently making bad dietary choices, people who did not develop lung conditions in spite of high pollutant exposure, or are otherwise “protected” from other heart, lung, blood and sleep diseases. This reasoning is not very different from that used to identify ApoA Milano, or even PCSK9 or the “longevity genes”. Such information should reveal physiological mechanisms that could be leveraged to develop interventions to prevent or cure HLBS diseases.

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