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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

Kinetic analysis of transcriptional regulation by aberrant transcription factors in vivo

Aberrant transcription factors, such as leukemia fusion proteins, promote diseases by deregulating transcription of target genes. Recent genome-wide studies have provided new insight into transcriptional deregulation by aberrant transcription factors. Most of these studies have not used cells with synchronized transcriptional activities at specific repression/activation steps and, therefore, may have limited value in... more »

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These studies are feasible. Transcriptional regulation of a population of cells may be synchronized by epigenetic drugs, or by using inducible expression/knockdown approaches. Alternatively, it may be possible to overcome the heterogeneity issue by single-cell-based analysis. Next, time-dependent genome-wide studies may be applied to the cells to reconstruct dynamic transcriptional pathways associated with aberrant transcription factors. These approaches may be generally applicable to the study of other disease-related transcriptional and signaling molecules.

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