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Goal 3: Advance Translational Research

Molecular determinants of vascular wall development and aneurysm formation that can be used as markers for early diagnosis

To increase the potential of translating basic research discoveries into the clinic, there is a need to discover molecular biomarkers that confer risk for aneurysms and vascular dissections. The creation of a nation-wide biorepository of well-defined tissue and plasma samples along with research utilizing these tissue samples employing state-of-the art proteomics, genomics and development of appropriate mouse models will... more »

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The challenge is the coordination of all components of the Project (i.e. development of a national biorepository along with coordination of proteomics and genomics analysis as well as proof of concept in animal models).

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This process is not feasible via the R01 funding mechanisms. The feasibility of addressing this critical challenge is excellent provided adequate resources are provided.

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