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Goal 2: Reduce Human Disease

The relationship between genetic variation and disease mechanisms

What is the contribution of individual differences in RNA processing to disease causation, disease modification, disease susceptibility, and positive or negative responses to therapies? Studies using genome sequencing combined with RNA-seq have determined that genetic variation affects regulation of RNA processing as frequently as transcriptional regulation. While transcriptional networks are well defined in heart development... more »

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There are two areas of impact. First is to develop a better understanding between the effect of genetic variation on RNA processing and how individual differences in RNA processing translate into "phenotype" such as disease causation, disease modification, disease susceptibility, and positive or negative responses to therapies. Genes are filled with cis acting elements that are required for specific patterns of RNA processing. Variation that affects these cis elements are now known to produce different splice variants or mRNAs with different stabilities between individuals. This mechanism translating genotype to phenotype has not been explored. Second is to understand the RNA processing networks as well as we understand transcriptional networks during heart development and in heart disease. This understanding is very likely to provide previously unknown therapeutic approaches and targets.

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The high through put approaches available to compare genome and transcriptome sequences,computational approaches to predict the cis elements for RNA processing, high throughput analysis for RNA binding proteins and RNA structure have provided the tools necessary to perform genome-transcriptome comparisons as a starting point. Current exome/genome analysis ignores the influence of genetic variation in RNA processing. The tools are available. The first challenge is to decide on the question and there are two areas: One- what is the role of RNA processing in heart disease/how can RNA processing be used as a therapeutic target and Two - how much does differences in RNA processing (in addition to transcription) contribute to individual phenotypic differences relevant to disease?

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